A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was made in 3-4 days for 7DFPS.

This is a prototype for what would later become S1CK. That topic is a bit complicated, so best to ignore it if you're not familiar with that game.




(11.21.14) -The last update broke the console entirely which meant I had to rewrite 20% of console.js to work with the new code. -The update made on the 19th broke backspace, so I fixed that. -Optimized each of the levels with Turnofflight.js so my frames didn't drop to 25 on standalone. (11.19.14) -Enter and Return now work, so the game will work on PC and MAC with no problems. -Fixed all of those lame and ridiculous PlayerPrefs issues. -Added a roof to 1-3 and darkened skybox (forgot). -Fixed timeslowing issue on 1-1. -There's a known bug with two console windows opening up, but it's not a big deal, so I'll fix it later. (Since the updated game can't even be played right now)


Updated the game to use Enter instead of ;.

(11.18.14) Updated the game so the settings don't bug out and its playable by default. Fix for the console to actually use 'Enter' is coming soon.




Holy crap. That was hard.


Instructions: |


Use E to open the console, and ; or enter to enter a command.

'Help' will give you a list of commands and instructions.

On computers you may need to enter a password. You can find them around the levels.

You might want to open extra locked doors. They have cool stuff in them.


Extra Information: |


Development time was actually around 3-4 days, since I got stuck away from home for quite of a bit of the game jam.

If you want to help me out in any way, send samples to EnembyNate@gmail.com . Thanks.

This is one of many prospective games in a series. Mark 1.5 relates to the episode/character of the series.

I post daily changelogs to my site at: Enemby.tk , as well as some prototypes,

but I've been offline for about two months so it takes a while between posts.

I might release the source code. But it will definitely be a few weeks.


Credits: |


Code, Art, Music, Sound effects, Narration: Enemby (Me) ( @TheEnemby )

Some Sound Effects: Freesound.org (I'll link it somewhere.)

Credit for unmodified textures (which is nearly none of them) goes to Cgtextures.org (I think?) which I love.

Engine: Unity.

Plugins: Screendrops, and a PlayerPrefs editor made by QuickFingerz.


Cool Stuff: |


Also in this gamejam:

(I probably forgot someone/something.)

Radjor: Pretty swell guy and friend. Made Ride the bullet. His game is related to gravity and it looks awesome.

Cheeseness: Making cool text adventure FPS thing (It's confusing). Working with one of my favorite musicians, Anton Riehl.

Teh_Bucket: I don't really know what he's doing. Haven't seen screenshots in a while.

Scott Slucher: Really awesome(looking) dogfighting game. The GUI is ridiculous and wonderful.

He made the really cool parkour game, "Grip" for 7DFPS last year.

With that, I'll go to sleep. It's midnight thirty and I have school tommorrow.


Windows.zip 99 MB
MacOSX 100 MB
Linux.rar 84 MB

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